Testing out the new Telecaster

So, I broke one of my two rules of guitar; never get a Telecaster!  I picked up a new Fender Blacktop Telecaster recently, as I think it will come in handy in the recording studio (who knows, I might even play it live one day).  The guitar felt and sounded really good, and it had humbuckers so was instantly more in my stylistic ballpark than most Teles.

Within minutes of taking it home I had set to work replacing bits on it 😉  So far I’ve replaced the bridge pickup (with a Rio Grande ‘Bastard’ P90), the 3-way pickup selector switch (standard one wasn’t very good), put an orange cap in and replaced the tuners with some locking ones.  Tuning stability wasn’t great with the standard tuners.

A bit more about the pickup; the Rio Grande one is designed as a neck pickup, but I thought I would try it in the bridge.  After trying it out, I’ve decided I’ll move it to the neck and get a Rio Grande ‘Fat Bastard’ P90 for the bridge.  Really liking the sound of the P90, but I need a bit more roar in the bridge.  I had also forgot about single-coil hum!  I’ll learn to deal with it…

Here’s a video of the guitar through my Splawn Street Rod head into a Mesa Recto 2×12 cab.  A little bit of delay from an MXR Carbon Copy delay pedal.

No explanation will be given for the John 5 finger nails 😛

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