A quick video test of the Frankenstrat

I had a couple of minutes spare, so threw the camera in front of myself and did some noodling on the Frankenstrat.


The lighting makes the guitar looking a much lighter shade of red than it actually is!



Amp is the lead channel on my Crate V30H through a Marshall VS112 cab. Volume was quite low on the amp as well.


P.S. yes, I know I spelt Frankenstrat wrong in the video intro

Guitarnoize.com Anti-shred

Jon at Guitarnoize.com is having an ‘Anti-shred’ competition, it’s more about melody than flash, so I thought I’d give it a crack!  The backing track is a short, but very tasty, slow ballad-type progression and lends itself really well to big bends and sustained notes.


Here’s what I came up with:



The hat was a last minute addition to the outfit, but judging by the comments on the video, it was a popular move! Oh, and it was pretty dark in the room, so the video quality is abysmal!