David Gilmour – The Black Strat

Interesting video with the legendary David Gilmour about the new David Gilmour Signature Series Stratocaster from Fender.



I don’t really get the whole “relic” thing myself, but it would be a fantastic guitar for an over-cashed Gilmour fan. Certainly something I’d have on my post-lottery-winning list of things to get 😉


Oh, and it the vid has Gilmour playing a great Comfortably Numb solo, so it’s worth seeing just for that.

NZGuitars.com Auckland Gearfest – October 2009

I travelled up to Auckland for the NZGuitars.com gearfest last weekend, and what a fantastic gearfest it was! Good turnout of people and some fantastic gear to drool over 🙂  The Manor is a great venue.

ThatGirl was on camera duty, and I’ve posted the photos here, in the photos section of the site.

I had a chance to blast the JSX amp through two Bogner 2×12″ cabinets at almost half volume. It was loud! And it sounded a lot better than it’s ever sounded before (the change to 6L6 tubes and new preamp tubes seems to be a winner). I was a little unhappy with the sound of some of my drive pedals though, but that might be a combination of needing to tweak the settings on them, or the fact that I have too many pedals on the board at the moment. I tried the pedalboard through the Bogner as well, and it was a bit lacking, and there is no way that was the Bogner’s fault, let me tell you… That amp is just pure tone of win. So yip, lots of testing to do, and eliminating of pedals (oh, and getting better quality cables between the pedals).


Did I mention how incredible the guitar playing at the gearfest was? No? Well, it was. Too much talent for one day almost.

Looking forward to heading up to another Auckland gearfest in the future!